one rental budget for each family

The government will provide one employee per family. The “one rental budget for each family” budget is within the next budget. The Department of Finance is budgeting for this year by focusing on transforming the village into a city and job opportunities for each family.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given special attention to these two issues. For this purpose, a provision will be made in the rural sector. Source of the finance ministry.

In the meantime, the next budget draws on the ruling Awami Party’s election manifesto. The main point is “The village will be a city.” The budget will determine the gradual transformation of the village into a city.

The government will provide one employee per family The government will provide one employee per family. The government will provide one employee per family

Finance Minister Ahmed Mostafa Kamal is reported to present the budget for the first time in the National Assembly. He will present a budget of more than five lakh twenty billion rupees, in which case there will be exceptions. First, the entire budget is chosen on the basis of the Awami League election statement. Second, although they are big in money and size, the budget will be short.

Budget officials of the finance ministry have said that the next budget will try to modernize the village and reduce unemployment. For this, an initiative was taken as a role model from neighboring India. In India, the “One Day Work” initiative was implemented. Initiative

Despite the debate over the country, the country was successful. Was especially successful in remote areas. Most of the time, he mainly worked to recruit every one of the rebels. For this purpose, a separate project called “Job Creation” can be implemented.

This can be done through public-private partnerships. Ihsan Mansour, executive director of the Policy Research Institute, says: “I do not know how the finance minister will provide jobs for every family. But what would be the benefit if this initiative was taken only for the public sector? Would it be beneficial for the private or private sector?

“What the finance minister said was not meant to be taken literally, but on a larger scale. That means, hiring from each family means achieving two goals. One is reducing poverty and the other is creating employment opportunities: job poverty and income inequality will be reduced in the country.

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